Time to Think®

Until we are free to think for ourselves, our dreams are not free to unfold.

Nancy Kline


What is a Thinking Environment®?

The Thinking Environment®, developed over the past 35 years by Nancy Kline, ‘is a set of conditions in which individuals and groups can think for themselves and think well together’.  After decades of observation and research, we found a specific group of behaviours to consistently stimulate independent thinking. In combination with each other these behaviours help others think faster and create breakthroughs in record time.  The behaviours collectively became known as the Ten Components of The Thinking Environment®.

Transforming Moments Consulting is a member of Time to Think® Inc.  We facilitate and deliver the following Time to Think Thinking Environment® programmes:

Transforming Meetings®

Duration 1 day

Learn to conduct meetings with increasing ease, appreciation for all involved and in a context in which everyone wants participate and contribute their ideas effortlessly and in record time. Click here to learn more about Transforming Meetings®.

Foundation Course

Duration 2 days

Learn about the Ten Components and the eleven practical applications of a Thinking Environment®. You will also have lots of time to think about top of mind issues for you. Click here to learn more about the Foundation Course.

Thinking Partnership Programme

Duration 3 days (2 +1 days)

This practical and highly participatory programme will help you become a Thinking Partner and practice the six-part Thinking Partnership process. Click here to learn more about the Thinking Partnership Programme®.