The self you have not yet met requires faith because it is the end part of transformation.

Deepak Chopra


Our coaching is fueled by a commitment to transformation and renewal.  We offer individual coaching, group coaching, team coaching and coaching supervision.

Our Approach

We develop a partnership with clients through co-creating an environment in which they reflect on the fabric of their life experiences, while turning this into ground for their learning, change and growth. During sessions we contract to hold space for clients to think for themselves, expand their awareness on issues and determine next actions.

How Do We Hold Space for Clients?

We see ourselves as offering ’midwifery’ for clients to:

  • birth that which they most desire and that which they sense is their calling in the world;
  • think for themselves;
  • arrive at breakthroughs;
  • explore their assumptions that underpin behaviour;
  • work with multiple levels of intelligence and diversity to foster perspectives for balance, hope, change and resilience;
  • in a mutually agreed coaching process.

Who Do We Work With?

Our coaching offer is for those who seek to bring forth that which is calling them forward, who wish to grow into freshest dimensions of themselves and in relationship to others and the world, This includes:

  • managers, leaders and business owners who want to enhance their leadership;
  • transformation champions, change agents and educators;
  • those who desire to reflect and expand their diversity awareness, racial literacy and do the work of racial healing and reconciliation;
  • coaches and mentors who want to develop a reflective practice and continue ongoing learning;
  • individuals in helping professions;
  • those in transition;
  • women at the edge of a shedding self and new development cycles;
  • people seeking renewed purpose, meaning or a new life trajectory;
  • those who are on a career development path;
  • people in grief and loss (death and non-death related);
  • individuals desiring to foster balance, creativity and care for themselves;
  • people seeking spiritual coaching; and
  • anyone who needs time and space to think.