Healing from Racism: Transforming Ourselves Programme


Our Healing from Racism: Transforming Ourselves Programme supports individuals, teams and organisations to deepen awareness, build racial literacy and the capacity to live from liberatory practices. The programme is designed to enable inner healing, cross-racial understanding and contribute to individual and organisational transformation.

Do you have unanswered questions about race and racism?
Do you want to start or deepen your racial literacy and your racial healing journey?
Do you experience conversations about race as uncomfortable, stressful and prefer to avoid them?
Do you long to lead or influence the conversation to bring about positive change in the place of racism?
Do you need time to think and dialogue with others on this topic?
Or are you just fatigued by race-based discourse?

If you answered ‘Yes’ to any one of the above, then this programme is for you. We look forward to taking the journey of racial healing and racial wholeness with you!

These groups have found benefit from the programme: executives and managers, educators, health-care professionals, coaches, change facilitators, B-BBEE professionals, spiritual leaders, community leaders, parents and youth.

Healing from Racism: Transforming Ourselves Programme

Part 1: Building Capacity for Healing and Being with Our Collective Racial Pain Two-Day Workshop (via Zoom: 4 X 4-hours)

Participants will:

  • understand their racial experience and wounding;
  • explore racialised habits and patterns of harm;
  • practice self-care and compassion in the presence of racial stress or racial trauma;
  • participate in their inner work of waking up, growing-up and showing up for racial healing and transformation.

Part 2: Healing from Racism: Transforming Ourselves – Deepening the Journey (via Zoom 7 X 2h30 sessions)

Participants will journey deeper into racial healing by exploring the seven (7) topics during 2h30 weekly Zoom sessions. They will:

  • explore their experience of discrimination;
  • understand how they are impacted by white supremacy culture;
  • discuss their racial identity formation;
  • notice and understand their responses to racial conflict;
  • foster self-care and resilience;
  • deepen sharing their story of race and racism; and
  • integrate learnings for a life-long commitment to antiracism.


To find out about when we run the next workshop, please contact us.

Testimonials about the Programme

Maryse Barak

Partner at Barak Learning and Development Consultants

I participated in Althea’s programme: Healing from Racism. As a white person I entered the workshop space with some anxiety. The day designed and facilitated by Althea was a deep experience of learning and shift for me. Althea’s way of establishing a context where learning, engagement, risk, connection could all happen was superb. Her courageous, gentle and focussed manner enabled rich experiences to be had with honesty and spaciousness. I heartily recommend this essential experience for anyone who is genuinely wanting to widen their view, and shift the way they can begin to personally dismantle racism in our country. 

Hani du Toit


After great anticipation I attended Althea’s Healing from Racism workshop in November this year. As someone who navigates conversations on diversity and inclusion daily, I was keen to experience Althea’s methodology and her partnership with Robin diAngelo, as an access to understanding how some of the non-profits I serve in could transform the exclusive cultures they have created. While I was anxious and concerned about the inner work required and the safety to engage this touchy topic, I did not expect the powerful catharsis that the workshop provided. Althea was grounded and empathic in contracting with the group, listened to and held the concerns expressed and was open to be guided in the moment by the needs of the participants. She designed and held a powerful, courageous yet safe process that must be celebrated and repeated over and over again throughout South Africa’s fragmented society. Every one of us needs the space to share the painful burden of our experience of Racism (past and present), to be listened to with attention and appreciation for the sanctity of our sharing and to find solace in creating a future of possibility, healing and forgiveness. As a coach in the D&I space, I highly recommend Althea’s work and look forward to co-creating with her in the future. Hani du Toit, Inclusion Specialist<br>

Brett Anderson

Western Cape Heartlines Rep at HEARTLINES

The Healing from Racism workshop was an incredible work of listening and reflection. The people Althea brought into the room were a huge part of the success of the day and she led us humbly and strategically through a really profound journey given that it took place over just a few hours. I have already met up with some of the people from that day and we are plotting further collaborations. So I have nothing but praise for Althea and her team and the work that she is doing and look forward to more steps in the journey.

Izelda Swanepoel

Unleashing the power of our diversity

I attended Althea’s workshop on Healing from Racism and what a powerful experience! Althea was courageous in opening up and facilitating the very difficult conversation and I learned so much. It was good to hear all the voices again. She is so committed to this work, so tough but so necessary. I salute you Althea, you were a terrific host and an excellent facilitator!

Facilitator Biographies

Althea Banda-Hansmann

Althea Banda-Hansmann, Facilitator

Althea Banda-Hansmann is a coach, facilitator, consultant, soul companion, and founder of Transforming Moments Consulting CC. Born and raised in the intensity of Apartheid in South Africa, she has a deep lived experience of transformational leadership, racial healing, inclusion, and soul-care. With over two decades of corporate experience, Althea offers ’midwifery’ for individuals, teams and organisations to birth their calling and purpose in the world. She facilitates racial literacy, racial healing, conflict management and inclusion processes. Althea graduated from Occidental College in Los Angeles, where she majored in Psychology and Politics with a minor in German. She is an accredited Neurozone Coach, Time to Think Coach, Facilitator and Consultant.

Jürgen Banda-Hansmann, Digital Learning Manager

Jürgen is an experienced presenter on online platforms, including multi-day workshops. He is knowledgeable about the technical aspects that run in the background to make an online facilitation a seamless experience for the participants and facilitators.
Jürgen also works as a commercial photographer and believes in the value of business networking. Jürgen is part of Business Network International and has been involved in educating about diversity in business networks.
He firmly believes that real change will happen when we all practice antiracism work in South Africa.