About us


Transforming Moments Consulting is black female owned and offers Time to Think®, diversity, learning and consulting services to individuals, businesses and public sector organizations. Our vision is to foster sustainable socio-economic transformation and human resource development in the petroleum industry, South Africa and in the world.


We facilitate and design pathways for personal and social transformation.

The self and society you have not yet met, requires faith because it is the end part of transformation.

Deepak Chopra and Althea Banda-Hansmann


The way in which we work and build relationships is centred on five core values:

Fresh thinking We are committed to provide an environment that supports new emerging thinking, unique expression and positive assumptions to drive behaviour and desired futures.
Transformation We value the lessons learnt for embracing humanity and diversity in each context around the world and encourage structural redress, respect and inclusion of groups and individuals.
Professionalism We provide expert knowledge and high standards of professional work and ethics.
Collaboration Ongoing collective learning and creativity is important in all that we do.  We work co-operatively with others to facilitate dialogues, generate new understanding and develop solutions.
Trust We are committed to building open and honest relationships that develop the fabric of trust and commitment.