Anti-Racism Coaching

Our one-on-one anti-racism coaching is ideal for those who want to increase their anti-racism education and, or leadership while receiving coached sessions customised to their unique needs, challenges, circumstances and self-directed learning.

These coaching sessions are:

  • co-created to listen and explore clients’ lived experience of race and racism while turning this into ground for reflection and growth;
  • supportive of individuals’’ discovering the assumptions that underpin their behaviour;
  • fostering the development of anti-racism practices; and
  • enabling clients to direct their next steps for racial awakening, racial healing and showing up for antiracism.

Our anti-racism coaching is aimed at:

  • anyone who wants to explore their experience of race, deepen their racial literacy and learn how to become antiracist;
  • black, indigenous, people of colour who want to understand their experience of internalised oppression and living in white supremacy culture, and learn how to be antiracist;
  • white people who wish to increase racial awareness and reflect on the impact of living in white supremacy culture and learn how to be antiracist;
  • diversity and inclusion champions and social justice change agents learning institution and systemic change;
  • leaders who want to reflect and enhance their leadership across racial diversity;
  • individuals who desire to foster resilience and soul care in their racial justice journey;
  • friends and families in cross-racial relationships; and
  • anyone who needs time to think for themselves about race and racism.