Ayanda Nogantshi

Head: People Operations at Allan Gray

Althea is a jewel to me. She helped me beyond words, creating a safe, and affirming space, without a feeling of being rushed. To be open to whatever I was feeling, and to challenge it, and to face up to the truth. I felt empowered every time I left our sessions. I felt like nothing was impossible. I ultimately made me realise that no matter what happens, I will always be ok. Difficult situations will not break me. She has an aura and an energy about her that makes it so easy to open up. I found myself sharing things I had no intention of sharing. And feeling great about it. She coached me into a human that is kind to herself, and her identity.

Zahra Jassiem

Marketing Specialist at Sanlam

Althea has been a wonderful coach as she pushes you to go beyond your usual thought process and makes it seem like nothing is unachievable. She also has a wealth of knowledge on how to improve your softer skills, which I quite enjoyed.

Jezelle Naidu

Qualified Cadet on the Durban Petroleum Refining  Industry Single Buoy Mooring Talent Development Programme, working toward Captain of an Oil Tanker

I found coaching to be useful in finding out more about myself and coming closer to expressing the truest version of myself. This could only be done with complete honesty from my side. One may think coaching is merely a therapy session, however I found my coach to be equipped with useful and practical tools and knowledge in order for me to develop. My coach has been honest, receptive, intuitive, supportive and helpful. Her skills as a coach have been clearly evident in my personal experiences with her in terms of where we started and how she got me to make progress towards achieving my career goals.

Dave Wright

General Manager: Corporate Planning, Engen Petroleum Ltd

Althea is one of those great persons to work with who has lots of energy and passion about what she does. She also has the ability to move from the big picture to focus on the detail and she is always conscious of delivering on her promise.

Avhapfani Tshifularo

Executive Director, South African Petroleum Industry Association (SAPIA)

Althea coordinated the Leadership on Oil and Energy Programme for the petroleum industry and interfaced with stakeholders such as government, CHIETA and petroleum companies to ensure that all stakeholders are aligned and working towards achieving industry Human Resources Development and Transformation objectives. Althea’s commitment is unquestionable and she delivers quality outcomes all the time.

Dr. Jerry Gule

General Manager HR & Transformation, Total South Africa (Pty) Limited

Althea is determined, a long range thinker with an ability to take care of today’s operational details. She has the ability to identify high impact projects and ensures that there is proper follow-through

Tumi Sibanda

Diversity & Skills Development Manager, BP South Africa

Althea has passion for skills development. Her knowledge of the government agenda/strategy on skills development makes her a source of information. She is a woman who can inspire young women.

Nadia Mason

Founder, Nadia Mason & Associates

Althea and I met when she joined Norwich Life. She was a breath of fresh air and embedded the essence of Transformation and Creation of an Inclusive Workplace practices. Her personal value system is incredible and she lives her holistic visions in friendships and the workplace. She has grown in her career and become a role model to us all. She is superb in her job role – a true expert. Excellent at workshop facilitation, women empowerment and motivation. I highly recommend her as a professional and colleague.

Cath Duncan


I attended a training that Althea facilitated. It was a small group of us for 4 full days and I was amazed at the energy that Althea brought and sustained throughout the training – it’s not easy keeping the energy up in small groups! Althea was knowledgable and brought enthusiasm to her delivery of her knowledge. I left the training fully confident that I could apply what I’d learned.

Grant Sieff

Owner, Infochoice (Pty) Ltd

Althea is highly capable of facilitating transformation programme design, development and delivery, with the added complexity of needing to work effectively with multiple stakeholders and organisations.

Janina Martin

EXEC Info and Research, CHIETA

Althea has always represented the Petroleum Sector as a key stakeholder in the National Human Resource Strategy and more particularly engaged myself in the areas of Skills Development. She has long term strategic vision which is well aligned to assisting the sector to contribute to economic development and transfromation of South Africa. This fervour is substantiated with hours of voluntary contribution beyond the required employment contract with her employer but to serve as a change agent and active citizen.<br>My admiration for Althea stretches beyond the value she brings to our work, to how she is able to address everyone, from ministers to shopfloor workers with the same regard for their contribution.