10 Components of a Thinking Environment®


‘Listening of this calibre ignites the human mind. The quality of your attention determines the quality of other people’s thinking’.


‘Even in a hierarchy people can be equals as thinkers. Knowing you will have your turn improves the quality of your listening’.


‘Ease creates. Urgency destroys. When it comes to helping people think for themselves, sometimes doing means not doing’.


‘Competition stifles encouragement and limits thinking. To be “better than” is not necessarily to be good’.


A five to one ration of appreciation to criticism helps people think of themselves. Change takes place best in a context of genuine praise. Feelings

Allowing sufficient emotional release to restore thinking. Crying can make your smarter. After laughter, we think better.


‘The Thinker needs information – at the right moments. Denial’.


‘Diversity raises the intelligence of groups. Homogeneity is a form of denial.’

Incisive Question

‘Incisive questions remove limiting assumptions, freeing the mind to think afresh’.


‘The Thinking Environment® says back to you, “You Matter”.’