Transforming Meetings®

Duration 1 day

Most of us spend more than half or two thirds of our time in meetings whether face-to-face or online across varying geographic locations and time zones.  Many leaders, committees and teams discuss desired futures, improving processes, systems, communication or problem solving other business and social challenges.  Why not conduct meetings with increasing ease, appreciation for all involved and in a context in which everyone wants participate and contribute their ideas effortlessly and in record time?

Participants in this programme will learn to:

  • use the structured Transforming Meetings® process to create an atmosphere that generates diversity of ideas, everyone’s best thinking and quality decision-making on agenda issues discussed;
  • develop meeting agendas and facilitate effective meetings with full participant engagement and achieve excellent results;
  • create common alignment and agree actions in quicker time; and
  • treat participants well and ensure that they are respected and heard for their unique contribution.

The target group includes:

  • anyone who chairs and leads meetings in organisations;
  • leaders, managers and professionals who wish to increase their skills set in creating a meeting environment conducive for robust thinking, idea generation and effective decision-making; and
  • those who wish to increase their effectiveness in meeting participation.