Time to Think Programmes®

What is a Thinking Environment®

A Thinking Environment®  is a set of conditions in which individuals and groups can think for themselves and think well together.  The Thinking Environment® process and its ten components are important in leadership practice because create the world in which we live, with our thinking. Ancient wisdom and scientific research remind us of the power of our thinking. In the words of Buddha “We are want we think; all that we are arises from our thoughts.  With our thoughts we make our world”. INSERT A SCIENTIFIC QUOTE


10 Components of  a Thinking Environment®

Attention Listening with palpable respect, interest, fascination and without Interruption 
Equality Treating each other as equals and thinking peers even in a hierarchy 
Ease Offering freedom from internal rush or urgency 
Encouragement Moving beyond internal competition to realise that to be ‘better than’ is not necessarily to be good 
Appreciation Practicing a 5:1 ratio of appreciation to criticism 
Feelings Allowing sufficient emotional release to restore thinking 
Information Supplying the facts, dismantling denial 
Diversity Welcoming divergent thinking and diverse group identities
Incisive question Finding and removing untrue assumptions that limit ideas and distort thinking 
Place Creating a physical environment that says to people, “You Matter”.