A Day on the Vantuna

A Day on the Vantuna

By Althea Anita Banda

18 January 1994


So peaceful a day

I looked across the ocean

And saw blue, green colors

Some ships… big ones and small ones

And some birds too.


A little sea-sick I was

But none-the-less,

I felt at ease with myself.


A sea urchin!

Oh my!

What a prickly round thing

Shell fish!  And so colorful too.

How amazing that so much creatures

Abide below the surface of the earth.


Hmmmm… I’m feeling nauseous

Have to go to the front of the boat.

Whale! Whale! Whale!

Somebody shouts.

Oh, I must go see

Back to the rear of the boat

And up the stairs.


There!  There!  There one jumps

Now there’s two

Such magnificent mammals

And oh, how huge.


Oh no! I need to go

Down the stairs again

Quick… Need to run

A cough… A choke… and into the sea.

That feels so much better now

No more food in my tummy.


Aaaah, wonderful.

Now I can enjoy my adventure

On the Vantuna again